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D-M-P Pictures

The DMP is a dual measurement sensor that is suitable for generating measurement data autonomously both tactile with stylus and contactless with laser. It can be deployed in minutes without modification to existing measurement software or hardware. This dual measuring sensor, which can be integrated into new measuring machines, is also ideal for retrofitting older measuring machines. With this newly developed sensor, older coordinate measuring machines can be upgraded to state-of-the-art laser measuring machines with probe in a very short time.


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The Company

Today’s company “MICRO-PRECIS” – Hans-Georg Grün, has its origin in the company “MetallbearbeitungHans-Georg Grün, founded in 1984. Due to constantly growing challenges, expansions and the associated risks, the company form of a GmbH (limited liability company) was chosen in 1999.

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 The company “H & D Grün GmbH” was founded on 04.03.1999 by the two shareholders/managing directors Hans-Georg and Doris Grün and was managed very successfully. Activities in the fields of construction and machining as well as production and distribution of precision parts of all kinds, but mainly for the measuring machine and laser industry, were part of our daily business. Companies like: WEGU-Messtechnik, KOMEG and WITHUTOYO belonged to our customer base as well as the company MYCRONA, for whom all mechanical parts for their entire measuring machine production were manufactured by us in the period from 1994 to 2007 (exclusive supply contract).

In order to give more room to new visions of a dual measuring sensor and the enormous challenges that come along with it, and to put it on a solid company base, a new company was founded with the name: “Micro-Precis – Hans-Georg Grün“. The company H & D Grün GmbH was deregistered on November 30, 2019. The new company was founded on 02.01.2020. This newly founded company is primarily concerned with the development and production as well as the further development of the DMP (Dual-Measuring-Probe). This dual measurement sensor can generate measurement data both tactilely with a probe and contactless with a laser. In June 2021, the “DMP” was registered as a patent at the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich. The DMP measuring sensor, which is installed and ready to measure in just a few minutes, requires only 230 volts DC of voltage. It works autonomously, i.e. it does not interfere with the software of the measuring machine. The DMP is a revolutionary new development and sets new standards in the measuring machine industry. It is also ideally suited for retrofitting older measuring machines. For the distribution of our product, the “DMP measuring sensor” we could win the company “WEGU SENSOR TECHNOLOGY”.

There was a change in the company in 2022. A further patent application in the USA was realized on June 10, 2022. Due to serious staff shortages in the company WEGU and at the same time growing markets to be acquired or promoted, it was decided to transfer the sales and marketing of the sensor to the own company.

From June 2022 the company “Micro-Precis” – Hans-Georg Grün bears the sole responsibility for production and sales.


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micro präzis